Homeward Bound

Unlike the song, I actually am “homeward bound”!! And I am super excited! Currently I am in Guayaquil, Ecuador at La Casa de Romero, located downtown. Looking out from the seventh floor balcony, you can see much of the city’s center. Since arriving last night (after a 30-hour bus trip), it has been fun to explore downtown, chat with some Spaniards from the Canary Islands, take a hot shower, and talk with Kami (if you don’t know who Kami is, just you wait…or check Facebook).

As it turns out, for the dates that I was looking at, flights from Guayaquil to Houston were much cheaper than those from Lima to Houston. So, with my travel fundage lacking, I had to suffer a quick trip to Ecuador. Then, starting tomorrow morning (6ish), I fly to Bogota, Colombia – Mexico City – Houston, arriving around 7 pm. On the positive side, I am looking forward to lots of reading time. On the not-so-positive side, layovers and transfers will not be ideal. Thus far, my time away has been an amazing time of reflection, reading, and dreaming. I am excited to have some time to step back and reflect upon the things that are going on in Lima, as well as to dream and pray about the future. And of course I can’t wait to see family, friends, and to eat lots of yummy American food. Homeward bound, I wish I was, homeward bound…


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