Two Weeks

Time in the States has been absolutely wonderful, and incredibly busy! Between seeing family, friends, eating great food, traveling, seeing the Aggies’ football season opener, going to church, and going to Montana to meet Kami’s family, I have been bouncing from one place to another. Even though sleep has been deprived and time has been crunched, every moment of my time in the USA has been very blessed. I was even able to be here when my friends Nick & Teresa Smith welcomed their second daughter into the world! Please keep Macey in your prayers as she will hopefully be released from the NICU on Monday.

It has been faith-building to see God’s hand in so many events surrounding this furlough. My first two weeks have definitely been a time of renewal, encouragement, focus, and prayer. In addition, it has been a time of thinking and dreaming about the future. I ask that you pray for the Lord to give me wisdom and discernment in all that I do. And I pray that God is blessing you as you seek to know Him more.


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