Lima Bound

After nearly two months in the States, I am making my way back to Lima. There is a good chance that I was not able to see you during my time State-side, and I am sorry about that. The last several weeks were very busy, and many things that needed to be done were left undone. All in all, my time back home was an incredible time of refreshment, renewal, and adventure. There were trips to Montana, Ohio, and France. There were visitors to Houston, including the beautiful Kami Hill. There were road trips, conferences, and a trip to the farm. There was Aggie football and Texas Rangers baseball. There were plates of quesadillas, enchiladas, barbecue, hamburgers, nachos, chicken sandwiches, and lots of delectable desserts. My new favorite is the banana shake from Sonic, which tastes like liquified banana pudding – praise the Lord!

But the best part of being home was the time spent with loved ones, both new and old. Conversations with my parents and friends were wonderful. Seeing my brother and his family was great. Making the trip to Montana to meet Kami’s family couldn’t have been better. Going to my home church and supporting church were fantastic. Friends, family, and new acquaintances truly are what make the world go round!

While you might be curious about this girl Kami that I keep mentioning, just stay tuned for more information. You might be shocked at what you read next! How is that for a cliffhanger.


2 responses to “Lima Bound

  1. oh, mark, we loved our time with you! and our special skype intro !! you have our attention. big smile!! we love you…see all of you come Nov. 14 and the days following!! Lord willing!!

  2. So… Details! And yes, I was horribly heartbroken that I was unable to see you while you were in the states. Miss you bro!


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