The Engagement

Well, I have been keeping this bit of information private for too long. On October 29th, Kami told me that she would be my wife! Immediately after getting back to Lima, I asked Kami Hill to be my wife! I couldn’t wait any longer, and thankfully she said “Yes”!

The wedding date is set for January 14th in Lewistown, Montana. We are hoping for a white wedding, and I can’t wait for us to be Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Kami Clancy. We are looking into starting our own website, so I will keep you posted. And more stories to come…



15 responses to “The Engagement

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Mark!!! We cannot wait to meet her. I guess this means she will be at the next PMS?!? So excited for you two.

  2. SOOOOO EXCITED!!! and glad to ‘officially’ hear it happened. kami, can’t wait to meet you. clancypants, so bummed we’re going to miss it. but you better believe we’ll still get our celebration in somehow, someway. ; )

  3. YAY! Glad it’s finally official. Since you aren’t on facebook any more, I wasn’t sure if she’d said yes or not. 😉 I’m excited for you both and can’t wait to meet Kami. Congratulations!!

  4. tears came to my eyes when I read this!!! Mark you are one of the most amazing men I have ever known and what a treasure of a husband you will be! I pray great blessings for you and Kami!

  5. i just smile ear to ear when i see you and kami!! we LOVED meeting with her and getting some special talk time — she is a beauty inside and out. God brought her to you and you to her, i’m sure!! can’t wait to watch what all the Lord brings you. we love you both!!

  6. Mark- you know how excited we are! Jeff told me about how you proposed…nice job!

    Kami- you must be absolutely wonderful. We cannot wait to meet you!


  7. Congrats Mark. Wish you guys the best!
    When i played football the saying “out-kicking your coverage” was used a lot and i think it just might apply here. Well done sir 🙂

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